Section 3: clothing & personal hygiene

there are specific pieces of clothing you should always have in your pack, no matter what/where the adventure is. the first being a gortex rain coat. the one i use is from fjallraven, since they sponsored us during the expedition to norway, i have had the opportunity to use the gear to its full potential. i use the keb eco shell jacket in the color plum, the best color to stand out for pictures. it is wind and water proof, plus there are two pockets on the sleeves as well as on the upper chest area. these are great for storing lights, phones, sd cards, and camera batteries. it has ventilation on the side for when you get a little too hot, the hood is designed to fit over a helmet and it has adjustable jaw strings on the side to make it the perfect size.

photo by  @jamiebarnesuk

pants are also a staple for your adventure wardrobe. if you are not comfortable in the clothes you have, the expedition will not be your main focus because you will be too fixed on how uncomfortable you are. make sure you try on everything first and don't be afraid to send clothes back. i use the vidda pro trousers from fjallraven. they are both water and wind resistant, have 7 different pockets, and Elastic, buttoned leg endings. i bought the pants a little too short, so make sure you have the correct measurements so your ankles don't get too cold. I am in love with these pants because they are so durable and fit perfectly. since it is a swedish company, every package you receive has swedish fish in it. which is awesome. do it for the fish.

image by  @ericbouvet

image by @ericbouvet

under these trousers i usually wear yoga pants or thermal underwear depending on the weather. layers save lives. speaking of layers, a down jacket is a must to put under your rain coat. I use a basic down jacket from patagonia. i typically opt from a hood because i wear this as a layering piece and my rain coat already as a hood. what do you put under this rain coat and down jacket? i always pack a long sleeve, three quarter zip, a fleece t-shirt, and a light work out shirt. 66 degrees north is an icelandic outdoor company that has some of the best quality clothing. i use the fleece t-shirt hrannar as my first layer. if the temperature is cold, i put on this long sleeve.

one of the most important parts of your kit is shoes. i haven't had many opportunities to experiment with different shoes, but my first and only purchase of hiking boots has been by salomon. if you are looking for a hiking shoe that you don't have to break in and won't give you blisters, then these are the pair for you. these shoes are as light as running shoes, but provide the durability and support of a hiking shoe. they have gortex, to keep the water out, and breathable mesh on the tongue that keep my feet very comfortable during the hot days. i have found these shoes to be great, but not completely waterproof. ian and jamie can attest to my wet shoes during the villamark expedition. in the future i will be purchasing a shoe with more ankle support, but will no doubt stick with the salomon brand.



socks are equally important to shoes. if you are like me, then wool is uncomfortable for you. i use micro crew hiking socks from darn tough. these socks are quick drying and keep my feet comfortable and warm, without the itchy feeling of wool. depending on how long your expedition is, three pairs of socks is good for a 8-10 day trip. i always take an extra pair of socks in case the others get wet, this small decision has always came in handy. after a day of endless rain and you're about to climb into your sleeping bag, you put on your on fluffy, dry socks. best feeling in the world. 

being on expedition, showering is a luxury, if not impossible. you'll find out that your body actually holds up pretty well if you don't shower everyday. and the best thing is, everyone else around you stinks. if you do feel that you need a refresher, i use sea to summit mountain wipes. they are basically adult baby wipes but for your body. i have very sensitive skin, but these are infused with aloe to avoid drying your skin out and making it irritable. they are also compostable, so if you stuff them under a rock or dig a hole, you don't have to feel too guilty. as for going to the bathroom, i carry baby wipes in a plastic baggy and you are good to go. the little things are the easiest to forget on a big trip, keep chapstick in your coat pocket, tissues, and hand sanitizer (if you feel the need). as well as a travel toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. if you wear contacts, always bring a couple extra pairs and some solution. 

now you have your photography equipment, food & mess kits, and clothing. go forth and adventure, friends!