about me

emma francis is a photojournalist for sipa press based in paris, france. she strives to capture intimately human moments with compassionate care, bringing attention and life to issues and places that had none before. emma is  a singularly determined, self-possessed woman who will persevere through even the toughest challenges; she is courageous, bold, and above all else, dedicated to her life as a photojournalist.

emma has been to iceland, nigeria, kenya, lebanon, and many other countries on assignment. she’s primarily a conflict photographer focusing on human rights issues, immigration, reportage, women’s rights, and other catergories, but no matter where she is, she focuses on the being of her photos, the emotions, the thoughts, the very person that her subject is. emma seeks the vulnerable heart and human soul of her subjects with a careful, yet fearless touch.

emma grew up in a small town in eastern oregon. her first trip and assignment to iceland led her to discover her love for assignment photography, and ever since then, she’s been determined to make her mark on the world through her own unique brand of human photojournalism. emma follows the people she photographs, and she is always looking to pack up and go whenever or wherever there is a story to be told.

she’s been published in a variety of places, such as virgin, the guardian, BBC, sidetracked magazine, and revolution. she is currently open for assignments anywhere in the world.