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about me

“emma francis hall is a photojournalist based in paris, france. She is the most beautiful, kind hearted, passionate, determined, marvelous person in the world. she is perhaps the most wonderful person I have ever met; whether that be with regards to her admirable aspirations, her incredible attitude, or her amazing ability to truly connect with anyone that might have the good fortune to be around her.

she grew up in enterprise, oregon, a small-town girl with big dreams, and made those dreams fucking happen dammit. she’s only TWENTY ONE and she’s already done all of this amazing stuff by herself! and she’s so damn brave! like who just packs up and goes to kenya and lebanon and takes 15 hour bus rides on bandit-filled roads and wanders around countries she doesn’t know the language of just to show people what needs to be shown?!?!? emma, thats who.

oh yeah and she’s been published in a shit ton of places it’s really cool to see her name on stuff and then show it off to people like i know that girl she’s pretty great. anyway, this emma girl is pretty great you should definitely hire her for stuff i guarantee you she’ll do a better job than any other person you might hire. she’s gonna do absolutely amazing things in the future.”

-written by a friend who wrote this as a joke, but I think it makes some good points.

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