February 20, 2019, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria- A protest takes places to denounce violent elections and government corruption.
Nigerian Presidential Elections 2019
 february 20, 2019, lagos, nigeria- women cheer at an apc rally.
 February 20, 2019, Lagos, Nigeria- The aftermath of a political rally.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- The day before the 2019 presidential elections, Nigerians gather in large trucks to travel to their villages where they are registered to vote.
 February 16, 2019, Abuja, Nigeria- Two security guards at the INEC conference where they briefed the Nigerian public about the reason for the postponement of elections.
 February 26, 2019, Tsanyawa Kano State, Nigeria- Doctors look over their records in the medical center. This medical center was built in 1987, but due to an influx of patients in the recent years, a new addition is needed. Although money was raised by the ngo, iFollow The Money, the staff needs to physically check on the progress to ensure the government hasn’t used the money for something else.
 February 21, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Zubairu Alhaji Mele (27) poses for a portrait as he shows his paralyzed right arm from a car accident. iFollow The Money started a campaign that raised funds for this medical center he is standing in. Construction started in August of 2018 and is still underway. Zubairu says having a new medical center in his community will give him access to medication he can take for his arm because it is hard to sleep at night. Many hope elections will bring more money in to help finish the construction.
 February 26, 2019, Tsanyawa Kano State, Nigeria- A woman weighs her newborn baby.
 February 26, 2019, Tsanyawa Kano State, Nigeria- A father rushes his sick daughter believing she is infected with malaria into the medical facility in Tsanyawa Kano State.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- The traffic before election day. On election day, movement is very restricted and security is high. People rush all day to get their errands done before elections begin.
 February 24, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Aisa Mallam Madu poses for a portrait in her home. This woman tells her story and how Boko Haram has effected her life by killing eight of her family members (5 of them her own children). After Boko Haram took over her village, Baga, they executed her granddaughter's father and then took her mother. Aisa hid her grandchildren to save their lives, lying to Boko Haram members if they came to ask where they were. Many IDP's often escaped at night, Aisa took what remained of her family and trekked 196 km from Baga to Maiduguri on foot. Today she lives in the place where Boko Haram originally operated out of, as the majority of IDP's reside here because of accessibility after escaping. On the outskirts of Maiduguri, this means less access to clean water, food, and education.
 February 25, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria-From left to right, Aisha (13), Lucas (12), and Muhammed (7) (names changed to protect identity). The three children are related by the same father. Their uncle is a Boko Haram member who took them to the Sambisa Forest to live without telling their father. Aisha and her little brother, Muhammed, who were kept in a separate camp than Lucas, fled for their lives while ordered to collect food in the forest. A risky attempt that many children had tried and failed. Aisha and Muhammed were eventually found by soldiers and taken to a safe place in case their uncle went in search of them. Lucas had no idea if his brother and sister were alive. He also was brave enough to run away while collecting food just two weeks after his siblings. He made it to an abandoned gas station where he met 12 other kids who had escaped. Many malnourished, dehydrated, and sick. After leaving the gas station to continue his trek to safety, Lucas was the only kid alive that didn’t die from hunger or dehydration. Soldiers found him and took him to a hospital for treatment. Their father had been looking for his kids for five years by the time he was reunited.  The kids sit at their school where they have started intensive therapy and the integration process into a “normal” life. Though the trauma has impacted them so intensely, their lives can never be “normal.” Usually when taking portraits I have to ask kids not to smile, this was not the case when taking their picture. They stared at me, eyes glazed over and crossing their arms to put on a strong face. When speaking about her experiences, Aisha couldn’t stop fidgeting with her skirt and her legs were shaking up and down, a clear sign of PTSD. She has barely opened up to her therapist about the traumas she endured, but was brave to share one story of her and her friends being used as human shields when the military attacked Boko Haram. The insurgency believed the military wouldn’t shoot at kids. Many children lost their lives and had severe injuries, receiving only paracetamol to treat wounds; simple infections become life threatening.
 February 20, 2019, Epe, Lagos, Nigeria- The community leader drinks water from the watering hole for the community. They use this water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, and washing dishes. Their have been many water bourne diseases because of this and the hike to it is long.
 February 20, 2019, Epe, Lagos State, Nigeria- Mary, 11, (name changed) poses for a portrait in her classroom. However, this classroom hasn’t always been there. This community is about a 2-3 hour drive outside of Lagos. In Epe, they only have one watering hole where people go to bathe, drink, and wash dishes. This school was constructed one year ago and has changed the lives of Mary and her friends. Because of the people at @ifollowthemoney who campaigned to make this step happen for their community. They are now constructing a whole new building with running water for toilets and clean drinking water. This is a life changing moment for Epe, one the kids and families all deserve. With the elections happening this Saturday, it is a crucial time for underdeveloped villages to rely on whoever becomes president, to help fund campaigns like this to aid in clean and running water.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- A man bicycles past presidential posters.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- The shipment of ballot boxes and ballots were delivered to the INEC headquarters the night before elections.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Kids play football outside a mosque the day before elections will commence.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- On February 16, 2019 three Boko Haram members entered a mosque with one man strapped with an IED, accompanied by two gunmen. The incident happened at around 05:40, leaving nine killed and 15 injured. The holes on the doors and bullet holes can be seen from the explosion.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Security roaming the streets the night before elections.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Women line up at their polling station to vote in the 2019 Presidential elections.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- A woman gets her finger print scanned on a smart card reader to verify that her identity matches her permanent voters card (PVC).
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- A man waits in line to vote in the 2019 Presidential elections.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- Men wait in line to cast their vote for the 2019 Presidential election.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- A man puts his ballot in the box to vote for the 2019 president.
 February 23, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- INEC officials help sort ballots at a polling station.
 February 26, 2019, Jataka, Kano State, Nigeria- Kids escort Follow The Money volunteers to the construction site of their future medical center. Follow The Money has recently campaigned to build a primary healthcare center for the community of 5,000 people.
 February 22, 2019, Maiduguri, Nigeria- A woman walks down the road under the All Progressive Congress' (APC) flag.
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